Four places you can take writing classes in the New Year

All right, as noted in the previous post, I have been attracted to taking classes on writing.  I probably shouldn’t, lest I end up spending as much on my writing as I used to spend on my horse … but I have to admit I’m tempted, ever since I read Rebecca Renner’s blog post on how she managed to succeed as a freelancer after taking some online class she’d found called, of all things, “Submit Like A Honey Badger.” 

Sorry, folks, that class is no longer available.  But this got me thinking:  should I consider paying actual US dollars for a class?  Would taking a class give me some kind of cachet or knowledge that I couldn’t get through the old standbys, which are reading books and blogs?  I had to consider it.  Thus this post:  websites where you can register to take writing classes, and a price guide for each.

  1. Name of Site:  Village Writing School

Overreaching Vision of their Teaching: The twofold mission of the Village Writing School is to help beginning and established writers develop their craft and to foster a vibrant literary community in the Northwest Arkansas region.

Of Note: They hold online summits which are viewable free for the first few days and then the content is available for sale. Their 2018 Memoir Summit was phenominal.

Length of Classes: One day to several days

How many classes listed for 2019: Two

Method of Delivery:  Web simulcast or Youtube video

Price of Classes: Online summits are free the weekend they premier; classes from $45

2. Name of Site:

How many classes listed for 2019: 34

Overarching vision of their teaching: ” Writing can be a lonely road but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re just beginning to write or polishing your next piece for publication, we can help. Let us provide inspiration, direction, community and deadlines to start you writing and keep you working. ” (from website)

Of Note: This was where “Submit like a Honey Badger” was offered.

Length of Classes: 4 to 10 weeks

Method of Delivery:  E-learning platform allowing students to read lectures, start or join discussions, craft assignments each week, comment on other students’ work, and receive direct feedback from the teacher.

Price of Classes: from $175

3. Name of Site: Catapult

Overarching vision of their teaching:  “An MFA without borders … affordable, day-job-friendly classes for emerging and established writers. ” (website quote)

How many classes listed for 2019:  37 online; more in person if you happen to live in NYC. 

Length of Classes: Most range from 2 to 12 weeks, though one is an outlier, an independent study on how to get an agent available for $15. 

Method of Delivery:  Web simulcast or Youtube video

Price of Classes: for the multi-week courses, $149-$1199.

4. Name of Site: Gotham Writers

Overarching Vision of their Teaching: A New York City-based online and in-person school for writers of all stripes, from business to all genres of creative work. Founded 1993.

How many classes listed for 2019:  51 by my count.

Length of Classes: From one day to ten weeks, from the list I checked.

Of Note: Offers free events for those who live in NYC:

Method of Delivery:  Classes are taught online using an interactive format which is on-demand, not real time. There is a video at the site which provides a good overview on this webpage.

Price of Classes: The sampling I saw ranged from $150-$409.

Author: Susan Taylor Brand

Elementary teacher and blogger

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