Submitting Stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul

Have you ever thought of writing a Chicken Soup story? I just came upon this idea because it was in the newsletter of my local writer’s group. I don’t usually think Chicken Soup for the Soul would want what I’ve got … but maybe they do, and maybe they want what you’ve got too. The reason I think they might is because their website has wide open submissions and guidelines that tell you just what they’re looking for.

And then there’s another thing. I’ve met two writers in person who’ve had a story accepted by them. They are the only major market I can say this about. All the other dollar a word markets I know of, I’ve met one or, usually, zero people who’ve sold their work there. So maybe CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL has higher volume. They also have another reason why they might need more writers. Their stories have to be true. And how many Chicken Soup Caliber events generally happen to one person? Jack Canfield notwithstanding …

So, check it out. I’m going to turn this one over in my head. Maybe I do have a story that would fit in a Chicken Soup book. And maybe … you do too.

Author: Susan Taylor Brand

Elementary teacher and blogger

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