Online Memoir Summit from Village Writing School: Going on now, and it’s free!!!

All right, if you don’t have something to do this weekend, and you’re interested in Memoir and Creative Nonfiction, or you just want to listen to  some very cool and inspirational writing videos by some knowledgeable and admirably-published writers, MFA teachers, and industry insiders, here’s your gig.  And you don’t even have to pay for it.  Unbelievable.

What: Village Writing School Memoir Summit

When:  This weekend

Where: Your home computer

How: By Youtube video

Why: Because it’s the exact same type of presentation you get from going to a writer’s conference, without the travel time and the price tag of $100 to $400.

Mini Memoir: In which Leo and I don’t agree what “right away” means

img_20181009_2009341895993173.jpgSo Leo wanted to know if I would hem his cricket sweats.

“Yeah sure.  But do you need it done right away?”

“No, no, by first thing tomorrow morning will do.”  It’s 6:00 o’clock p.m. It’s a work night.



“By bedtime tonight is right away.”

“Oh.  Well, then, yes right away.”

A very abbreviated sigh. “Okay.  I’ll do it while I rewatch Maniac on Netflix.”